Having discussed this with some esteemed elders of the local clubs, the consensus is that the following are the rules for the Wellington Regional Interclub competition

  1. It is generally only a print competition
  2. It has to be held in August
  3. The hosting rotates among the member clubs in the Wellington Region
  4. The club hosting that year makes the additional rules, including change some of the above rules slightly as was done this year.


Due to COVID complications during 2020, the 2020 competition is being held in March 2021.


For 2018, it is the traditional prints only format with the following specification

  1. The entries need to be matted and generally of a size that will fit a 20 inch by 16 inch matte.

2015 to 2017

From 2015 onwards, the hosting clubs have reverted to the traditional prints only format.


For 2014, the hosting club set the following additional rules.

  1. There were two sections, print and projected.
  2. For the print section, the longest side of the matt/mount is to be no more than 1500mm long. There is no minimum or maximum print size within the matt/mount.
  3. For the digital section, Each club brings a selection of up to 20 digital images (not previously entered into a Wellington region interclub competition) for each of the 5 categories, loaded on a laptop that has an HDMI out port and can display the images full screen.
  4. The images should be JPEGs in the sRGB colour space; and either 1920 px wide by not more than 1080 px high, OR 1080 px high by not more than 1920 px wide.

2012, 2013

So for 2012 and 2013, the hosting clubs set the following additional rules.

  1. Prints should be a minimum of 10 inches (25.4cm) on the longest side.
  2. There is no upper limit – but use discretion and keep sizes reasonable. Generally prints to fit in a 20 inch by 16 inch matte.
  3. Prints should be matted, but not framed or glass/perspex covered
  4. Prints may have a title on the face of the print or the mount. But please make sure that photographer's name or club name doesn't appear on the front.