YearHosting ClubJudgeWinners
2021Hutt Camera ClubBruce Girdwood(Hutt Camera Club, Johnsonville), (Kapiti Coast Photographic Society, Kapiti Camera Club), Wellington
Stella Daniell Award: Helen Westerbeke, Hutt Camera Club
2020Kapiti Camera ClubNick ServianKapiti Coast Photographic Society, Johnsonville, Kapiti Camera Club
Stella Daniell Award: Jenny Setchell, Kapiti Coast PS
2019Kapiti Coast Photographic SocietyWarren IxerHutt Camera Club, Kapiti Camera Club,Kapiti Coast
Stella Daniell Award: Chris Crawford, Hutt Camera Club
2018Wellington Photographic SocietyShona JarayHutt Camera Club, Kapiti Coast, Kapiti Camera Club
Stella Daniell Award: Karen Thorne, Hutt Camera Club
2017Karori Camera ClubBruce GirdwoodKapiti Coast PS, (Hutt, Aoteroa Philippines), Karori
Stella Daniell Award: Karen Thorne, Hutt Camera Club, Abstract category
2016Aotearoa PhilippinesHelen MitchellHutt, Wellington, Karori
Stella Daniell Award: 
2015Hutt Camera ClubTerry Wreford HannAotearoa Philippines, Kapiti Coast PS, (Karori, Kapiti)
Stella Daniell Award: Fiona Foxall
2014Kapiti Camera ClubBruce HuttonKapiti, Karori, Hutt
Stella Daniell Award: Denise Gandy, Kapiti
2013Kapiti Coast Photographic SocietyTony BridgeKarori, Kapiti Coast PS, (Wellington, Aotearoa Philippines)
Stella Daniell Award: Ian Walker, Hutt Camera Club, Skin category
2012Wellington Photographic SocietyJordyn O’KeefeWellington, Aotearoa Philippines, (Hutt, Karori)
Stella Daniell Award: Hugh Scott, Kapiti Coast PS, Abstract category
2011Karori Camera ClubBruce GirdwoodWelliington, (Karori, Kapiti Coast PS)
Stella Daniell Award: Kevin Corrin, Karori Camera Club – reflections print
2010Hutt Camera ClubLance LawsonKarori, Wellington, Hutt
2009Kapiti Camera ClubBrian SeachWellington, Kapiti Coast PS, Hutt
2008Kapiti Coast Photographic SocietyDon SharpeWellington, Karori, Kapiti Coast PS
2007Wellington Photographic SocietyRobert KitchinWaikanae, Wellington, Karori
2006Karori Camera ClubDon SharpeWellington, Kapiti, Karori
2005Hutt Camera ClubGlen HoweyHutt, (Wellington, Waikanae)
2004Kapiti Camera clubA female judge?Kapiti Camera Club, Wellington
2003WaikanaeBruce HuttonKapiti Camera Club
2002Wellington Photographic SocietySimon Woolf stepped inKapiti Camera Club
2001Karori Camera ClubKarori Camera Club
2000 Hutt Camera Club.
1999 Waikanae Camera Club
1998 Kapiti Camera Club.
1997 Wellington Photographic Society Dave Daniel Wellington Photographic Society
1996 Lower Hutt Camera Club. Wellington Photographic Society
1995 Waikanae Camera Club.
1994 Kapiti Camera Club ? Greg Royle Wellington Photographic Society
1984 to 1993records unavailable.
1983 Lower Hutt Camera Club.
1982 Wellington Photographic Society
1981 Kapiti Camera Club Lower Hutt Camera Club.
1979 Wellington Photographic Society
1978 Lower Hutt Camera Club
1977 Wellington Photographic Society
1976 Lower Hutt Camera Club
1975 Wellington Photographic Society Wellington Photographic Society

The Evening as organised from 2011 to 2013

There is no prescriptive procedure for how the competition is organised on the evening. Below gives a general idea of how things were run from 2011 to 2013.

There were 6 clubs each with 10 prints. The hosting club provides one MC, one judge and one scorer. Each club has two helpers (one to collect the print that has just been displayed, and another to bring up the next print).

There needs to be a way of displaying 6 prints so that the judge can look at all 6 prints at once.

For each category, the judge ranks the 6 prints, using 1 for the highest ranked print to 6 for the lowest ranked print.

The scorer keeps track of the scores and announces them at the end of each round. Ideally this is projected, so that people can see the results as the evening goes on.

Each club had a table to keep their 10 prints.

There needs to be seating for about 80 to 100 people.

The Evening as organised in 2014

In 2014, there was both a print and digital section. The print section followed the print rules as in previous years. The digital section had the following guidelines.

Each club brought a selection of up to 20 digital images (not previously entered into a Wellington region interclub competition) for each of the 5 categories, loaded on a laptop that had an HDMI out port and can display the images full screen. The images should be JPEGs in the sRGB colour space; and either 1920 px wide by not more than 1080 px high, OR 1080 px high by not more than 1920 px wide.

At the beginning of the evening, the judge announced 5 topics, one for each category.

Each club selected one of their digital images that best fit the topic announced by the judge. There was an opportunity to explain (30 seconds maximum) how that image fits that topic (humorous and farfetched explanations particularly welcome!).

The six images were displayed on a large TV screen (one for each club) randomly and anonymously but side by side for judging in the normal manner.